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Bespoke developmentsWE DO CUSTOM DEVELOPMENTS - Can not find what you are looking for, in SAFE-RAIN we offer the possibility of developing specific products for your architectural fountain.Contact for further information

Innovation R&D

Fountain nozzles Twister rotary nozzles


Rotary nozzles,that achieves amazing Effects, big amount of water in movement. Through the exclusive...Read More
Ocean submersible LED light

Ocean LED light

The Ocean submersible LED light is the resultant of the constant search of new products by SAFE RAIN, to address ...Read More
Willow tree nozzle

Willow tree nozzle

Brass made nozzle, this fountain nozzles mold the water shaping it as a willow as a Willow tree, raising in an outwards ...Read More
Interactive fountain with PLC

Interactive Fountain

When we talk about interactive fountain that do not include music, usually the best option is to use PLC technology...Read More
Sea LED Fountain ring

Sea LED Fountain ring

Our SEA LED light-fixture manufactured in brass and stainless steel (AISI – 304) has a new slim line design, which incorporates a 27W LED circuit...Read More

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