Titan Series

Titan Lake Fountains SizeTitan Fountains have the motor and pump mounted horizontally.Advantages include a simple installation that requires little or no adjustment. The water fountain can be operated in as little as 37 inches (1,3 meters) of water and can be lit with up to 20 submersible lights and a choice of up to six colors. The suction screen is cleaned from a boat and is easily removed without tools for complete cleaning. .

Equipment Details:

  • Saltwater grade stainless steel suction screen(s).
  • Can accommodate up to 20 lights
  • 6” stainless steel motors with mechanical seal
  • 6” stainless steel turbine pumps.
  • Can operate in water depths as shallow as 37”.
  • One-piece foam filled floats molded of high strength polyethylene.
  • Interchangeable spray nozzles.
  • Underwater quick disconnect on some HP’s

Considerations for sizing Display Aerators and Fountains:

  • Determine the size of the pond and whether the desired spray pattern will fit within the pond's dimensions.
  • Consider if aeration is a requirement based on the water quality. Determine the surface acre size of the pond and horsepower required for adequate aeration. 1 HP per surface acre is the minimum HP to properly aerate a water body with a Display Aerator
  • Determine the electrical voltage and phase that is available for the site and how many amps are available from the power supply.
  • Determine where the ACI Control Panel will be installed and how far it will be from the power source. This determines power source to Control Panel cord length and gauge
  • Determine how far the ACI Control Panel will be from the Display Aerator or Fountain. Determine the length and gauge of cord that is needed between the ACI Control Panel and the Display Aerator or Water Fountain
  • Determine if lighting is desired and how that will affect the power supply and cord requirements.
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Select Series

Select Seriesranging from 1 HP to 7.5 HP. Such compacts are the cornerstone of all Aqua Control floating fountains that offer an impressive performance. Safe-Rain sells this pond fountains in two different orientatios:

Floating Fountains Select

  • Select Series - Vertical OrientationVertical: The Vertical Configuration draws water from the bottom inlet and discharges through the nozzle at the top. Benefits of this design include simplicity, lower cost and deep suction. The deep suction provides bottom-to-top water movement for superior pond circulation. Simple, economical and effective extension suction tubes can be added to any vertical pump to provide water intake at virtually any depth, giving very deep ponds or lakes effective circulation. The Select Series can be lit with up to 12 submersible lights and a choice of up to six colors.
  • Select Series - Horizontal OrientationHorizontal: The Horizontal Configuration uses the same pump as the Vertical Configuration, but is designed with the motor and pump mounted horizontally. A Horizontal Configuration can operate in as little as 28 inches (0,7 meters) of water. The advantage of a Horizontal Configuration is the ability to operate any horsepower in very shallow ponds or lakes..
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Floating Fountains and Floating Aerators

Floating Fountains and Floating Aerators are fountain kits that can be easily installed in lakes or ponds, both artificial and natural. Safe-Rain sells a wide variety of models ranging from 1/2 hp. to 40 hp. providing its own range of manufactured products, and Titan, Select, and Evolution series by Aqua Control.

In addition to its impressive effect on water, it is used for artificial lakes aeration. Without sufficient circulation, a pond becomes stratified with warmer water on the surface and colder, oxygen-depleted water on the bottom. Lack of oxygen increases the anaerobic (without oxygen) decomposition of the sludge at the bottom. This decomposition helps to develop nutrients in the pond, which, in turn, increases algae blooms.

Floating fountains Safe-Rain series

Safe-Rain floating fountains
Safe-Rain floating fountains: floating fountains easy to install, that incorporate a pump of 0.75 hp. to 1.34 hp. With our range of products you could decorate swimming pools, ponds and lakes, providing a luxurious and architectural touch to any landscape or construction.

Floating aerators Safe-Rain series

Floating aerators Safe-Rain
Floating aerators Safe-Rain: Some floating fountains manufactured by Safe-Rain are noted for their power of oxygenation in ponds because of the water effect of its nozzles. Those floating fountains are the floating aerators range of Safe-Rain.

Select series

Select floating fountains
Select series: ranging from 1 hp. to 7.5 hp. Such compacts are the cornerstone of all Aqua Control floating fountains that offer an impressive performance. It is marketed in two different arrangements, with vertical orientation of the pump, or horizontal, according to the depth of the lake.

Titan series

Titan floating founains
Titan series: this kind of floating fountain for lakes ranges between 7.5 hp. to 40 hp. It is a perfect solution to provide a great visual impact on large lakes. The illumination of these architectural fountains in the evening enhances its spectacular beauty.

Pool floating fountain

Pool floating fountains
Pool floating fountains: is a set of water jets , nozzle, crown with ring of 48 LED fountain lights and submersible pump. It is ideal for its simplicity and size, to install in ponds and swimming pools.

Floating fountains Safe-Rain series

Safe-Rain floating fountains have been specifically designed for swimming pools, ponds and lakes decoration, providing a perfect complement to decorate these architectural landscapes. Easy to install, these kits incorporate a pump between 0.75 hp. - 1.34 hp. and with the addition of different nozzles can achieve different water features.

Although floating fountains are aerators themselves, as the splash of the jets crashing against the surface of the pond breathes O2 in standing water. We offer the possibility of optimizing the aeration of any pond through our pond floating aerator.

SAFE-RAIN SERIES FLOATING FOUNTAINS - All details about the new Safe-Rain series for pools and ponds.Download data sheet

Two different pumps for Safe-Rain floating fountains

Product features:

  • Easy to install. These kits incorporate everything needed for proper operation.
  • As easy as plug and play, and starts up.
  • Depending on the model is provided with a vertical pump with 0.75 hp. or horizontal with 1.34 hp.
  • Only one person is needed to complete installation.
  • They can be installed in pools and ponds with a minimum depth of 60 cm.
  • Optionally, can be provided with 4-8 LED RGB PAR-56 lights or 4-8 LED RGB Lake lights.
  • Optionally, we provide the protection and control panel.
Safe-Rain floating fountains datasheetFloating fountains post

Water pond aeration system

Water pond aeration system

Thanks to water pond aeration system manufactured by Safe-Rain you could oxygenate the water of any lake, facilitating biological cycles and ensuring the effectiveness of bacterial products that reduce nutrients and clarify water.

Although floating fountains are aeration systems themselves as the fall of the jets crashing against the surface of the pool insufflating O2 in standing water. We offer you the possibility of optimizing the aeration of any pond thanks to our water pond aeration system.

Submersible Pond Aerator

Submersible Pond Aerator saferain
Submersible Pond Aerator: The submersible pond aeratorstrong> is designed to meet the need of those who want to oxygenate the water of a pond without the water jets included in a floating fountain.

With this aerator you will oxygenate the deeper areas of the pond, stabilizing biological water regeneration and obtaining optimal quality of it.

Calculadora saferainCalculating the number of hours/day for pond oxygenation

Total pond volume in Liters (Separate decimals with "."):
Water temperature in Degrees Celsius
Safe-Rain aerators pump power that suits you: 
Time needed for pond aeration* Approximate values.:  hours/ day

Submerged Pond Aeration Module

Submerged Pond Aeration Module
Submerged Pond Aeration Module: Our submerged pond aeration module is based on the Venturi principle and two pumps from 130W to 420W that move a air flow rate of 10800 to 14800 liters/hour to get water breathe enough oxygen for artificial pond maintenance.

This submersible pond aeration module supports any floating fountains bearing 560W pump and has everything you need to easily attach to the floater, optimizing pond aeration.

Pond water aeration
Contact us and we will help youContact us. Feel free to check our section on water oxygenation in our blog to get all the information on the aeration of stagnant water with a water pond aeration system.
Download the data sheet in .PDF format