Geyser Jet

Geyser jetnozzle produce an output fountain jet that combines a mixture of water from the immersed pump, water from the pond and air. High water fountain jet performed by a Geyser Nozzle The end jet pattern is a column of white water, created by mixing air and water together. Because water is drawn from the fountain pond, a pre-determined length of the outlet pipe must remain submerged (as shown in the technical chart). It is important that this level of water is maintained to ensure the performance levels given in the chart. They are equipped with tilt correctors to prevent unwanted jet inclination. The smaller sized geyser jet nozzles (1/2" and 1") are made of 100% cast and machined brass, while the larger sizes (1½”, 2, 2½" and 3”) are a mixture of stainless steel and brass.

Geyser Jet fountain nozzle manufactured in brass and stainless steel  Geyser Jet fountain nozzle manufactured in brass   Water jet performed by Geyser jet nozzle
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Foamy Column Jet

The Foamy Column Jet nozzle is, in itself, a spray ring on which between 24 and 90 Water fountain illuminated at night ith several Foamy Column Jet Nozzles (depending on size) 6 mm jet nozzles are fitted to produce a larger diameter rising column of water but without the high flow that a continuous jet of the same diameter outlet would require. The jet nozzle outlet has to remain above the level of water in the fountain pond. The name itself indicates the foamy appearance it produces, which is achieved by adding several small jets. It is highly suitable for large outdoor water feature fountains.

Foamy Column Jet Nozzle manufactured in BrassFoamy Column Jet Nozzle manufactured in Brass  Single water jet performed bby foamy Column Jet nozzle  Several Foamy Column Jets in an architectural fountain
Foamy Column jet nozzle
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Cascade Jet Brass

Cascade Jets can be used with moderate winds.These jets must be ...

Snowy Jet

Snowy Jet is one of the most widely used nozzles in architectural fountains, due to its easy installation and attractive spray pattern. This fountain nozzle does not depend on the level of water in the pond because it does not draw water from it. Instead, Foamy water effect in a Snowy jet nozzle it mixes a large amount of air with water from the submersible pump, which means that it can practically be called a "bubble generator". This effect is heightened when it is lit up to create "light beads". They can be fitted at an angle to make parabolic jets (not provided with ball joint) and are made from different materials for greater versatility (brass, plastic and stainless steel, brass and stainless steel).

Snowy jet nozzles manufactured in stainless steel and brass  Detaill of a snowy water jet  Water fountain with several snowy jet nozzles
Water fountain made of snowy jets  Water fountain made of snowy jets  Water fountain made of snowy jets
Water fountain made of snowy jets  Snowy Jet Nozzle
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Cascade Jet

Cascade jet nozzle is one of the most widely used in architectural fountains. If it is installed with the level of water stipulated by the manufacturer, it generates a very attractive cone of sparkling water. Spectacular water jets performed by Cascade fountain nozzleThe water coming out of the cascade jet nozzle draws a column of water from the fountain pond, which produces a great deal of turbulence. It is manufactured in two different series: 100% brass and another lighter and cheaper range of stainless steel mixed with brass. With the latter model, three different water levels in the pond can be used to produce different water features: a very high cone with a small base or a cone with less height and a wider base. This feature is explained further on the technical data sheet..

Cascade fountain nozzle  Cascade fountain nozzle  Spectacular cascade jets in Madrid River
Cascade fountain nozzle jets  Fuente iluminada con varios chorros tipo Cascada  Chorros de Agua tipo Cascada
Chorros de Agua tipo Cascada  Cascade Jet Nozzle

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