Quality Policy

At the behest of the Management of SAFE-RAIN, S.L., and considering the current market competition and the difficulty of entering and remaining within the market, Management has established and put in place a Quality Management System based on the requirements of the UNE EN ISO 9001:2008 Regulation, for all company activities involving design, production and commercialization of irrigation products and ornamental fountains.

Certificado ISO 9001The Quality Management System has the goal of satisfying both the internal and external clients of SAFE-RAIN, S.L., thanks to compliance with the requirements established in the aforementioned regulation and the continuous improvement encouraged by it.

Thus, the Quality Management System presents the following commitments:

  • Management of the Quality of products provided, in accordance with International Regulation ISO 9001.
  • Compliance with the explicit and implicit requirements of our clients, as well as legal requirements, consolidating trust in our Organization.
  • An efficient management and control of the production process.
  • The Continuous Improvement of processes and, thereby, of the efficiency of the Quality Management System.
  • An effective allocation of functions and responsibilities.
  • Raising awareness and motivation of the Company’s personnel towards the importance of the implementation and development of the Quality Management System, as Quality pertains to all departments.

The method of ensuring that all persons who affect quality, that is, all employees of the company, know the policy and objectives presented, will be achieved through their dissemination at all levels of the Company. Deviations which will emerge will be prevented through corresponding preventative actions, which will be analyzed at System Review Meetings.

This Quality Policy is approved by the Manager and is available to all personnel of the Company and any client or supplier who requests it.

PDF Brochures Download

We make available the download of our water feature fountain catalogue and the floating fountains catalogue. Both catalogues are in PDF format to make easier the download and giving you the possibility of printing the document. In the first one you will find out all fountain accessories necessary to make an architectural fountain and in the second one we expose a wide range of floating fountains.

Any way, if you need help, feel free to contact us filling in the web form and we will gladly assist you.

DO YOU WANT TO INSTALL OR DESIGN A ARCHITECTURAL FOUNTAIN? - SAFE-RAIN offers you all the materials and advice for you to succeed.Contact for further information

Our History

Foto nave Safe-Rain

Safe-Rain was founded in 1977, and in its early years it specialized in manufacturing garden irrigation equipment. From 1982 on, it began to manufacture fountain equipment. It currently specializes in the design, manufacture and commercialization of architectural fountain and irrigation accessories, and offers a broad range of products such as: fountain nozzles, spray rings, water pumps and water jets, fountain lights, fountain accessories and electronic solutions for fountain control. (RGB DMX controller, Electrical panels for pumping units...).

The Company

Safe-Rain belongs to the same business group as Euro‐Rain. Euro-Rain is the company that sells all the products manufactured by Safe-Rain in Spain and Portugal. It´s the distributor of qualified brands such as Aqua Control, K-Rain, Orbit and RPE that make us a leading group in the business of marketing architectural fountains and automatic watering systems (Programmers, Impact Sprinklers, diffusers ...) in Spain and Portugal. You can find our shop at street level in the city of Valencia and our department stores in Villaluenga de la Sagra.

Manufacturing and Logistics

Safe-Rain is a company which has evolved constantly; we now control all our production processes, making us self-sufficient. Since 2008, our factory has been located in Toledo province (Spain) . It consists of a covered surface area of 4,200 square metres and a 9,000 square-metre warehouse. This has meant that we have been able to expand our installations and machinery. The warehouse capacity allows us to respond to orders more quickly. We have also improved the installation of tests for all our manufactured products, enabling us to check the quality of our products and their operation.

Can not find what you need?

We do custom development for large projects.

Our Values

  • Product quality
  • Excellence in development and service
  • Respect for the environment
  • Commitment and involvement with our clients and their projects
  • Innovation vocation
Ornamental fountains, new Safe-Rain products

Our Goals

  • Facilitating the sector, the creation and installation of architectural fountains.
  • Safe-Rain works for the consolidation of our worldwide distribution network.
  • Investment for the creation of new products and services, to continue evolving the sector.
  • Connect as closely as possible to the needs of our customers.
  • Being a leader in the world of ornamental fountains. Both corporate and human level, through our technical team.

Our People

  • Qualified and technical team, supplementing experience and youth.
  • Vocation for customer service.
  • Committed to your project.

Need Help?

Have a project and you do not know where to start. Our technical team will help you.
Tell us about


Human team composed of 20 professionals

Foto de perfil
A. Velasco
Partner Co-Founder
Foto de perfil
Mª Cruz Velasco
Foto de perfil
Juan Antonio Zamora
International Sales Department. Manager
Foto de perfil
Vilma Lázaro
International Sales Department. Sales Engineer
Foto de perfil
Mª José Corrales
International Sales Department. Sales Engineer
Foto de perfil
Ana Córdoba
Technical department. Development
Foto de perfil
Juan David Crespo
Technical department. Project Manager
Foto de perfil
Carlos Pulido
Technical department. Quality Management
Foto de perfil
Manuel A. Zaballos
Technical department. Production
Foto de perfil
Manuel A. Hernández
Purchases and Logistics

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We listen to your needs

Customer advice meetingBefore starting work on a project, we listen carefully to your requirements and needs, assisting you in everything you need. So, we can advise focused on the end result. Using our knowledge and experience to get an accurate result.

ARE YOU LOOKING TO DEVELOP OR INSTALL A ARCHITECTURAL FOUNTAIN? - SAFE-RAIN offers you all the materials and advice for you to succeed.
Contact for further information

Thanks to the worldwide partner network of Safe-Rain, we can handle the entire process from design to installation of ornamental fountains. For you to worry only about what you want.

Architectural fountain development

The process of creating an architectural fountain is divided into three parts: 1) Fountain Design, 2) Technical Consulting, and 3) After Sales Service.

Design process steps

Fountain Design

Architectural fountain design

In many cases, we start from a conceptual idea to materialize and advise you on a specific project, giving examples of completed projects to help you design your own. Every architectural fountain is different, so we help you in the choice of the water displays and lighting most appropriate for your installation, until you have defined the final design.

Design process steps

Technical Consulting

Once you have a clear concept of the aesthetics of your architectural fountain, we offer the technical expertise of our engineers. We help you resolve important questions, like:

  • Studying the construction of the architectural fountain, we assist you in such relevant matters as the choice of the water pump most suited to the needs of your project.
  • Configuring the piping (hydraulic calculations).
  • Advice on something as simple as the electrical installation of the architectural fountain.
  • Choice of the lighting system (LED or halogen) most suited to your project.
Design process steps

After Sales Service

We stick with you throughout the project to meet your needs until it is completed. We monitor the development of your project to assist you in everything that you need, and if any problems arise with one of our products, we will be ready to resolve it as quickly as possible. If, for any reason, a product fails due to a manufacturing defect, we will replace it for you, no questions asked.

After sales services

Safe-Rain custom developmentDO YOU WANT SOMETHING VERY SPECIFIC? - Do not worry! We will develop a fountain for you.

Our premise is to adapt to your needs, and, thus, we develop a broad range of fountains that can range from simple adaptations of standard products to the complete development of a new, final product.

Being manufacturers and having broad experience in the industry gives us the ability to be able to develop and manufacture the product most suited to your needs..Contact for further information

Quality Control

All of our products pass rigorous quality controls that follow the ISO 9001 guidelines. Once they pass these quality controls, they go to packaging and shipping.

Certifies quality

Availability of Stock and Delivery Times

Safe-Rains warehousesThanks to our storage capacity of 9,000 m³ in a covered area of 4,200 m², we are able to deliver merchandise very quickly. We are aware of the demands of the market, and, thus, we manufacture and keep on hand the products in greatest demand.

We hire large logistics chains for shipping of our products, ensuring delivery within 2 to 7 days, and we ship to any country in the world.