Interactive fountain easy to install on the floor

As everyone acquainted with us already knows, here at Safe Rain we have been manufacturing jet pipes and nozzles for water feature fountains for 35 years. Our customers, the fitters, are the people who create water feature fountains according to different conditions.Read more

  • The geometry of the water fountain basin
  • The desired visual effect.
  • The physical location of the water feature fountain
  • Seeking the correct richness of sound

And countless other causes which are all important. Therefore, the combination of jet pipes and underwater spotlights is not something which, oddly enough, involves the manufacturer. Through the development of this fountain kit, Safe Rain has decided to change this concept. With this product.

Fountain Kit made of stainless steel

  • The choice of nozzles is limited to 3.
  • If you would like lighting for the interactive play fountains, you can choose between white or RGB lamps, but they are always LED.
  • All of the above are mounted on flush paving.
  • All the accessories to connect this “plug and play” are provided; in other words, you just have to plug it in and you’re all set.
  • As many water jets as you like can be grouped together, adapting to any basin size.
  • An electric switchboard that controls everything is also available which you can purchase as an option.

With the Waterboy, we, the team of professionals who form part of Safe-Rain’s R&D Department , aim to offer, on the one hand, a complete, easy-to-install fountain kit, and, on the other, to create an enjoyable interactive play fountain that is easy on the eye and fun for children.