We continue to innovate by using longer-lasting, lighter and less costly materials in our products. In this case, we have updated circular and polygon-shaped water manifolds and pipe stocks, and we now offer articulated polygon-shaped water manifolds and the use of water manifolds to produce water curtains. Water ManifoldsWe have replaced copper as a raw material with stainless steel. In order to withstand the chemical products used to clean the water of fountains, copper piping needs to be chromium-plated; however, as this is not necessary with stainless steel, delivery times are shortened. The cost price of stainless steel is also lower than that of copper which, therefore, has a downward impact on the end price of our water manifolds and pipe stocks. In short, this lowers the cost of architectural fountains.

Sample of Water outlesWater outlets are made of brass and come in different diameter sizes with a female thread. As most nozzles have a male thread, no more parts need to be added.Read more

Water curtains   Water curtains   Water curtains   Water curtain with circular manifold

In order to ensure greater stability, we supply pipe stock and manifold support bases as an accessory, which are available for Ø 35 and Ø 54 piping and can be extended to a minimum of 250 mm and a maximum of 450 mm. We have enhanced the performance of our fountain rings so that they can now be used as water curtains, using the same curtain system adapted to water manifolds. In this way, different geometrical shapes can be created and adapted to the site on which they are installed

All our fountain spray rings and pipe stocks can be custom-made according to the design of the required water feature fountain. Please consult the technical data sheet of each product for pre-fabricated models and if you do not find a product that fits the design of your water feature, do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will give you a quotation for an alternative.

  • Circular Fountain Ring

  • Stainless steel circular fountain ring
  • Circular fountain ring are manufactured as a single part...

  • Polygon Manifold

  • Stainless steel polygon fountain ring
  • Polygon-shaped fountain ring is made from stainless steel..

  • Articulated Fountain ring

  • Stainless steel articulated polygon-shaped fountain ring
  • Polygon-shaped water manifolds made from...

  • Pipe Stocks

  • Stainless steel jet pipe stocks
  • Jet pipe stocks are made of stainless steel with...

  • Water Curtain Manifolds

  • Designs of water curtains
  • We continue to innovate by using longer-lasting...