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Argimiro Velasco Ferrer is an Agricultural Engineer, having worked between 1967 and 1977 in several companies of sprinkler installation for farming, gardening, golf courses and swimming pools clearance, as well as other companies selling brands Rain Bird, Toro, Richdel, Safe-T-Lawn, etc. In 1977 with Segura Hnos. S.A. founded the company Safe-Rain, S.L. dedicated to the production of material for Garden Irrigation, and in 1982 the architectural fountains division was established to manufacture nozzles, underwater lights, spay rings and any accessories necessary for the design and installation of an water fountain, also continuing with the manufacture of irrigation equipment for gardens. Co-founder in 1994 of the company Euro-Rain, S.L. for exclusive sales in Spain of all irrigation and architectural fountains materials manufactured by Safe-Rain, S.L. and for the import of materials for watering gardens, public parks, etc. Mr. Velasco Ferrer has been Manager of both companies since its founding until his retirement in 2008, working since then in the development and design of new products in the R & D, in order to convey his technical expertise to the Department staff.

Argimiro Velasco Ferrer es Ingeniero Técnico Agrícola, habiendo trabajado entre los años 1.967 y 1.977 en varias empresas de instalación de riego por aspersión para agricultura, jardinería, campos de golf y depuración de piscinas, así como en otras empresas de venta de las marcas Rain Bird, Toro, Richdel, Safe-T-Lawn, etc. En 1.977 junto con Segura Hnos. S.A. fundaron la empresa Safe-Rain, S.L. dedicada a la fabricación de material para Riego de Jardines, y en el año 1.982 se creó la división de fuentes ornamentales para la fabricación de boquillas, focos subacuáticos, anillos y cualquier accesorio necesario para el diseño e instalación de una fuente ornamental, continuando también con la fabricación del material de riego para Jardines. Cofundador en 1.994 de la empresa Euro-Rain, S.L. para la venta exclusiva en España de todos los materiales de riego y fuentes ornamentales fabricados por Safe-Rain, S.L. así como para la importación de materiales para riego de jardines, parques públicos, etc. El Sr. Velasco Ferrer ha sido Gerente de ambas empresas desde su fundación hasta el año 2.008 en que se jubiló, colaborando desde entonces en el desarrollo y diseño de nuevos productos en el departamento de I+D+i, a fin de trasmitir su experiencia técnica al personal de ese Dpto.

Sistemas de filtrado par a fuente seca

For the proper functioning of Architectural Fountains and for their component parts to provide a good performance along the years, it is important to use the right water in order to prevent failures and a rapid wear of the parts that make up the Fountain. As a general rule the water must have the same cleanness, clearness and acidity characteristics and the same calcium proportion as safe drinking water. Now we will describe those characteristics in a shortened way. More information will be provided later. Read more

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  • Cristian Ghergu
    Cristian Ghergu says #
    Excelent! I used to pick up informations from people building water pools, but many of them keep it to themselves. A documented ar
  • A.Velasco
    A.Velasco says #
    Hello Cristian, Thanks very much for your comments. Regards,
  • Ursula Evans
    Ursula Evans says #
    Very interesting and informative. Thank you

A Pond aeration system is essential for the lives of plants and fish, avoiding both the decay of animals, bacteria and organic material, and the accumulation of mosquitos which may spread various diseases. Read More

Water pond aeration system

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Posted by on in Water pond aeration

Floating Fountains - Cacade JetAeration is the transfer of oxygen from air into water. All healthy bodies of water need oxygen for the normal biological cycle. In large bodies of water, this occurs naturally as a result of wave action. In smaller lakes and ponds, it is easy for biological factors to become unbalanced, causing the oxygen levels to drop, making it necessary for mechanical aeration. Insufficient aeration and low oxygen levels can cause fish kills, unpleasant smells and unsightly water.

Floating Fountains - Cacade Jet Without sufficient circulation, a pond becomes stratified with warmer water on the surface and colder, oxygen-depleted water on the bottom. Lack of oxygen increases the anaerobic (without oxygen) decomposition of the sludge at the bottom. That increases nutrients in the pond, which, in turn, increases algae blooms. An uncirculated or non aerated pond or lake develops a thermocline. This is a stratification of the water by temperature.Read more

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  • Craig Bosomworth
    Craig Bosomworth says #
    The submersible pond aeration module supports any floating fountains bearing 560W pump can you give me details on the amp draw fro

Architectural fountain design and equipment

Architectural fountain design and equipmentIn architectural fountain design you must take into account many components and at Safe-Rain we are aware of the difficulties faced by a lot of our customers when it comes to getting an idea of everything required when designing a water feature. This is why we have written this article, which combines graphics with the fountain equipment and text to show all of the hydraulic and electrical accessories that you should consider for any architectural fountain designRead more.

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  • A.Velasco
    A.Velasco says #
    Thanks Bernard. For us it´s a pleasure to help people like you that enjoy with architectural fountains and water features. My bes
  • Bernard Taps
    Bernard Taps says #
    Dear Mr. Valesco, Thanks for the informative materials contained in this blog. Quite useful for us who are venturing to this speci

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