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Snowy nozzle   Snowy nozzle design   Snowy fountain nozzleMost of ours customers used to have a quite a few preconceived notions about how to do a new nozzle for water feature fountains!!
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Being only 28 years old “water fountains field” we have achieved the confidence of architects, designers and yours. The design of a new piece is marked often by your demand and its work applications

Safe-Rain offers today, in addition to our services, quality and own design

Our last challenge was to try to obtain a new water fountain nozzle of frothy fountain jet that had to be lighter (saving materials), saving transport charges (also at the mean time) which should had less necessary flow (saving power pumping electrical consumption) and in addition should have an innovative design (it helps to the sale easily)!! So here we come, having found the new series of Snowy Jet nozzles!!

Reference Conection Outlet
F2401007 G 1”M 32mm.
F2401503 G 1 1/2"M 50mm.
F2402008 G 2” M 75mm.

Finally we have all the conditions and, at the same time, we manage to have some new series that in addition to saving in weight, flow (within 20 %, 30 %), have a very acceptable design, as you wanted!!

Such a result: New series Snowy Jet F240XXXX!!!

Enjoy it!