Palm Tree Nozzle with a set of crossed water jets

In industry, things do not tend to go wrong when we “copy” nature, as it works well on its own. Its shapes are imitated in countless disciplines. This was the fact that inspired the members of Safe-Rain’s technical department when we designed the nozzle that is commercially known as the “Palm Tree Jet.

With this palm-shaped nozzle will hopefully provide a very particular set of water jets in the world of architectural fountains.Read more

As in any development process several tests were performed until we discovered the most suitable combination in esthetic terms. Below we briefly summarize the steps we take to achieve the desired effect:

  • By changing the angle of the water jets. The 9 degree option was the one we liked most. The crossing of the front and back water jets attracted our attention. We liked the fall and, above all, we could see that it was in proportion, in other words that the height and the opening diameter were coherent. This ratio is pivotal when “occupying” the basin of a water feature fountain so that it is pleasing to the eye. As this golden ratio is found frequently in nature, simulating it guarantees our success.
  • Different inclination of water jets in the Palm Tree Nozle

  • Varying the diameter of the water jets. We fitted nozzles with 6 mm outlets, used in our foamy column jets, and with the 4 mm outlets used in the fan of jets. We thought the 4 mm nozzles were most suitable because they made the water jet thinner, and taking into account that they are very close together, this was a very important consideration. Furthermore each jet is fitted with a locator, which ensures that it is kept in perfect order up until the highest point.
  • We produced a coherent family, comprising three sizes, so that the fitter can choose the most suitable size depending on the water architectural water feature basin

We do hope you enjoy this Palm Tree Nozzle Jets, which is esthetically different from any other water jet fountain you can find on the water feature fountain market