Dry Fountain Kits

The Waterboy dry fountain kits are easy to install and adapt to a wide range of designs for this type of installation. They are found in public squares and shopping centers, since they provide playful water displays in a minimum of space, while the dry fountain is running, yet allow for a dry walking environment when the fountain is turned off.

The Waterboy is a dry and walkable fountain kit, made of stainless steel and especially designed to be installed in pavement and resist vandalism, since its grid is durable and shock-resistant, protecting the kit.

Waterboy PLUS Kit

Prefabricated dry fountain
Waterboy PLUS: Dry fountain kit made of stainless steel and specifically designed by Safe-Rain to be installed in pavement. It includes an LED lighting system Controllable RGB or white, which creates attractive water and light displays for the viewer that are easily programmable and installable.

It is available in two variations, with or without solenoid valves. Dry fountain Waterboy PLUS in a city square Those with the solenoids can, with a control box create amazing water displays in the dry fountain...

Waterboy Kit

Waterboy prefabricated fountain kit
Waterboy: A complete interactive play fountain that is expressly designed for installations where children and adults alike can enjoy themselves among spectacular water changes, no doubt creating a lively atmosphere.

The Safe-Rain RDI team has designed this dry deck fountain with the aim of offering professional fitters everything they need to complete the installation of interactive fountains and splash pads that will delight children and adults alike.

Dry Fountain Controller

Dry fountain controller software
Dry fountain controller software: The control of dry deck fountains is now possible thanks to the development of a new software that allows full control of the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) without the need of having prior computer skills. Thanks to a 7" touch screen, the configuration of the dry fountain is as simple as adjusting all electronic parameters required so that the water features act as desired.

Dry fountain installationEach Waterboy dry fountain kit includes a complete hydraulic and electrical system, rendering it an easily installed product in construction projects. We offer various water games and lighting with our system of solenoids and LED lights or LED crowns, depending on the model you choose.

By incorporating a Control Box, specially designed for each product, we are able to control the water jets and achieve the displays that you want for your dry fountain project. Using a DMX Control System, you can control the RGB lighting and combine the water and lights just the way you want.