Waterboy Plus

Dry fountain kit made of stainless steel and specifically designed by Safe-Rain to be installed in pavement. It includes a controllable LED RGB lighting system, which creates attractive water and light displays for the viewer that are easily programmable and installable.

It is available in two variations, with or without solenoid valves. Dry fountain Waterboy PLUS in a city square Those with the solenoids can, with a control box create amazing water displays in the dry fountain. Those without the solenoids are a simpler, more economical product, which does not allow for controlling the water jets, but does allow the height of the chamber to be lower.

Waterboy PLUS dry deck fountain kit  Waterboy PLUS dry fountain kit  RGB LED Crown detail
Waterboy PLUS with water pump  Stainless steel dry fountain  Dry fountain kit with RGB lighting
Interactive fountain kit  Dry fountain lit at night with RGB

Waterboy PLUS Features

  • Complete and easily installed dry fountain set.
  • Made of stainless steel.
  • Controllable RGB LED technology.
  • Includes 14mm launch jet with integrated flow stabilizer and angle corrector to counteract land slope.
  • Optional solenoid system to created water displays.
  • Optional electrical control box for programming various water displays.
  • Exclusive Safe-Rain Design.
Download the data sheet in PDF format