Pool Floating Fountain

Pool floating fountain is a set of water jets ,Pool fountainnozzle crown with ring of 48 LED fountain lights and submersible pump. It is ideal for its simplicity and size, to install in ponds and swimming pools.


  • Size of the Set: Ø 350mm x 190mm (h), cable length 10 mts
  • Height of jets: 1.016mm x Ø 762mm wide, adjustable height through the water pumpDomestic Pool fountain
  • Brilliant Led lights, with auto-changing colour in red, green, blue and different possibilities, it does not need controller.
  • Easy assembly and installation, just join the pump with the float system and leave over the water, connect the two cables directly at the plug and the system will work easily

Technical features

  • Water Pump:

    • Tension: 230V~ 50Hz
    • Power: 20W
    • Cable lenght 10 Mts. I P X 8 CE
    • H max.: 2,5m Q max. 2500 l/h.
    • Temperature 35ºC.
  • LED Ring:

    • Ring of lights with 48 LEDs RGB.
    • Auto-Changing Colour
    • Transformer: Input 230V ~ 50 Hz /output 12V ~ 500mA 6VA
    • Power < 5W
Download the data sheet in .PDF format