Fountain Equipment

We have been manufacturing fountain equipment and fountain systems since 1982. Thanks to our long experience in the development of accessories for fountains we can offer a wide range of articles to complete the design of an architectural water feature. We offer our customers an extensive range of components, from our range of fountain nozzles to lighting articles, such as our submersible lights and our underwater LED fountain lights, as well as multiple accessories for water fountains (junction boxes, wall bushings, cable bushings, flow stabilizers, bottom water intakes, overflows, anemometers, pump units… etc.) and our extensive catalog of fountain kits, such as our floating aerators or floating fountains; we offer series for both professional and domestic use. In short, we are capable of offering you everything necessary to complete the design and installation of your architectural fountain.

Fountain Nozzles

Architectural fountain nozzles
Fountain Nozzles: We have classified our fountain nozzles according to the individual effect that they have on water jets and the joint effect that they cause in architectural fountains. As a result we have differentiated between water jets with crystalline, frothy, spray, spherical or rotatory nozzles.

Fountain Lighting

Architectural fountain lighting
Fountain Lighting: We offer an extensive range of products for the lighting of water features and architectural fountains. We provide two main ranges of articles: submersible lights with conventional lighting technology, and underwater LED fountain lights. The low cost of the former means that they are still an option chosen by many customers; the efficiency and reduced consumption of the latter make them the most sold product on the market.

Water Pumps

Water pumps
Water Pumps: We know that the water pump is the heart of an architectural fountain, and, thus, in Safe-Rain, we are committed to two prestigious, high quality brands. Worldwide leaders, and committed to innovation and technology, two concepts to which we are also highly dedicated.

Fountain Spray Rings

Fountain spray rings
Fountain Spray Rings: Our water manifolds are designed to distribute water around entire architectural fountains installations. Manufactured from brass and stainless steel, we offer this fountain equipment with various geometrical shapes (circular, polygonal, articulated, pipe stock, etc.), meaning that we can adapt to any architectural water feature design.

Fountain Accessories

Fountain Accessories
Fountain Accessories: We classify our fountain accessories into the following two different ranges: hydraulic accessories and electrical accessories. Both ranges comprise a series of articles that are essential to the installation of architectural fountains and water features fountains.