Fountain Accessories

Architectural fountains equipmentOur fountain accessories are specifically designed to make installing, adjusting and maintaining a water feature fountain easier, we provide manifold support legs, articulated joints, bottom water intake ports with or without a plug, adjustable overflows + bottom intake port, level sensors, etc... Our bespoke solutions are perfect for all types of water fountains. These fountain accessories make up the rest of the catalog of products necessary for the design and installation of an architectural fountain. They are classified based on whether they are water related (hydraulic accessories) or electricity related (electrical accessories). You will be able to find any material that you need for the construction of your architectural water feature, ranging from a simple flow stabilizer or bottom water intakes to level sensors or our complex electrical panels made to measure for the requirements of your pump units. In short, we offer a full catalog of fountain accessories that will definitely help you to finalize the design and to install your architectural water feature.

Junction boxes

Underwater junction boxes
Underwater junction boxes: Thanks to our underwater junction box we are able to carry out the electrical installation of any architectural fountain. All our fountains are made of top-quality materials and offer fully sheathed protection for continuous immersion in water (IPX8), 2” and 3” underwater connection boxes with transparent acrylic covers, wall penetrations, etc...

Hydraulic Accessories

Hydraulic fountain accessories
Hydraulic accessories: are defined as any fountain accessories that are related to water. These may be for stabilizing the jet's flow (flow stabilizer), for achieving a suitable inclination of water jets in architectural water features (articulated joints), for emptying water (bottom water intakes), for preventing water from overflowing the basin or architectural fountains (adjustable overflow) or for supporting manifolds and pipe stock in water feature fountains (manifold support legs).

Electrical Accessories

Electrical fountain accessories
Electrical Accessories: are defined as any architectural water fountain components that are related to electricity. These may be for reducing the height of the jets or even for shutting down the architectural water feature if the wind exceeds a certain speed (anemometer), to automatically control maximum and minimum water levels in the basin of the fountain (level sensor), to control multiple water and light effects in complex water fountains (electrical panels), or to control LED lighting effects (DMX RGB controller).

Water Pumps

Water pumps
Water Pumps: We know that the water pump is the heart of an architectural fountain, and, thus, in Safe-Rain, we are committed to two prestigious, high quality brands. Worldwide leaders, and committed to innovation and technology, two concepts to which we are also highly dedicated.