DMX RGB Controller

ARGB DMX Controller is a control automation device for lighting systems that use RGB (red, green and blue) type LEDs. By using a controller of this type combining these three colors, it is possible to achieve a wide range of colors and static or flash transitions, among other effects. We offer two models of DMX controller depending on the amount of lights that are going to be installed:

  • RGB DMX-512 ControllerThe RGB Controller F6324221: The RGB DMX controller F6324221 programs color changes with 4 pin LED lights, 3 loop cables and a common anode, 300W(12V), 600W(24V). It has an LCD screen and its core consists of a microprocessor that controls the power of the function. DMX512 (3 pin) connections and up to 34 functions in color modes. This DMX controller can either function independently or as part of a network of multiple controllers. It can also work with DMX512 to receive signals from the console

Power RepeaterThe power amplifier F6324243 for LEDs is a controller add-on. A power amplifier must be installed if the sum of the power (W) of the LED lights in a fountain is greater than the maximum permitted by a controller.

Technical Features

DMX controller Power Supply
Voltage In
Voltage Out
220 V AC 24 V DC 150 W
220 V AC 24 V DC 350 W
220 V AC 24 V DC 500 W
220 V AC 12 V DC 150 W
220 V AC 12 V DC 350 W
220 V AC 12 V DC 500 W
Download the data sheet in .PDF format