RGB or RGBW DMX controllers

The RGB LED or RGBW LED spotlights from a fountain are managed by RGB or RGBW controllers. These controllers can achieve hundreds of thousands of colors by the basic color addition method (RGB or RGBW). Mixing a part or the total of each basic color all other colors are obtained. They can work two ways: autonomously, - with already programmed output sequences-, or in a DMX network, as a dirigible channel of the system, with DMX in- and output. SAFERAIN offers several models depending on the installation and type of LED spotlight.

RGBW DMX Controller F6325356

RGBW DMX Controller F6324265

With these controllers we control bulbs of up to 4 colors, red (R), green (G), blue (B) and white (W). They have 18 sequences already programmed that include the most common color combinations. Likewise, both the speed of the changes and the intensity of each color can be regulated separately. They can also be used in DMX frames, being able to parameterize the starting DMX channel.

Download the data sheet in .PDF format