Water Pumps

What should we look for in a pump?

  • Reliability
  • Ease of installation
  • Adequate benefits to the project
  • Performance efficiency
  • Strength and durability
  • Minimal noise level

Speaking of water fountain pumps distributed by Safe-Rain means reliability, durability, strength, efficiency, and excellent performance. Our technical and sales teams undergo extensive training and will advise you and guide you in the choice of the water pump best suited to the requirements of your architectural fountain project.

Standard Submersible Pumps

Safe-Rain water pumps
  • Series of submersible pumps made of plastic that combines quality and very competitive price, providing high performance and energy saving. This type of pump is recommended for both architectural fountains and for garden ponds, where it becomes a very good option because of its easy installation and maintenance.
  • Maintenance instructions
  • Download the data sheet in .PDF

Professional Submersible Pumps

 Grundfos water pumps
  • For submersible fountain pumps which are specifically designed for wastewater with pumps capable of flows up to 30 m3/h. By combining one or more pumps from either of these two families, architectural fountains can be created with specific features, such as number, diameter, and height of the jets.
Download the data sheet in .PDF

Dry Pumps

KSB water pumps
  • In this case, we highlight the Normabloc KSB series or the Grundfos NB range, with which we can create practically any kind of architectural fountain, choosing the most appropriate model in terms of pressure/flow, and installing various of the same model in parallel. With this range of pumps, flow rates can reach 440 m3/h.