Willow Tree Jet

Brass made nozzle, this fountain nozzles mold the water shaping it Stunning effect of crossed water jets shaped as a willow as a Willow tree, raising in an outwards parabola, emulating the trunk, and later while falling down, remembering the branches of a willow wept. Available in 3 sizes, 1 ¼” connection and 20 numbers of 4 mm jets, 2 ½” and 50 jets, and 3” and 59 water jets, enabling always the better selection for any pond dimension.

Three sizes of Willow Tree Jet brass made  Effect of water by our willow type nozzle  Crystalline crossing jets leaving the nozzle willow
Detail of crossed water jets at willow nozzle
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Palm Tree Jet

Asimple fountain nozzle comprised of a set of 4 mm water jets arranged in such a way that on rising they look like the trunk of a palm tree and on falling like its leaves. Spectacular Crossed Jets performed by the Palm Tree Nozzle The angle given to the jets means that, from wherever they are positioned, spectators can see the front and back jets cross over producing an esthetic effect of great beauty in the arquitectural fountain. The range is comprised of three sizes with 20, 50 and 60 fountain jets.

The three sizes of the Palm Tree Nozzle  Palm Tree Jet in Brass  Crossed Jets of the Palm Tree Nozzle
Detail of crossed water jets  Iluminated water jets at night  Detail of iluminated crossed jets at night
Crossed jets in the Palm Tree Nozzle

Technical Features

  • Crossed fountain jets falling down palm-shaped.
  • Using a frequency converter you will get spectacular dynamic effects for musical or dynamic fountain.
  • Sold in three sizes:
    • 1” Connection. (20 jets).- Ideal for indoor fountains. (small fountain basin).
    • 21/2” and 3” Connections. (50 and 60 jets).- Ideal choice as a main element of an architectural fountain.
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Arum Lily Jet

This fountain nozzle is a combination of two previous features: a central lance jet breaking on a calix jet. The water pattern looks like an arum lily. Two types of fountain nozzle are available: the first is a 1" nozzle made from cast brass, machined and chrome-plated with two inlets. One is required for the goblet and the other for the lance jet, Spectacular water jet preformed by out Arum Lily Jet nozzle enabling the height of the two jets to be adjusted independently. If you are looking to keep the installation simple, the best nozzle is other option: the 3” model, because it has only one inlet and the water distribution for the lance jet and goblet patterns takes place inside this same nozzle to provide the right height proportions for the water jets. The 3” fountain nozzle is made from a combination of stainless steel and brass

Aurum Lily Jet nozzle manufactured in Brass and Stainless Steel  Aurum Lily Jet nozzle lighted with RGB  Aurum Lily Jet nozzle lighted in green
Aurum Lily Jet nozzle lighted with RGB
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Mushroom Jet

The Mushroom Jet produces a sheet of transparent water thanks to a fully laminar flow of water at the outlet. The name comes from the bell-shaped sheet of water it produces. Crystalline and laminar jet performed by the Mushroom Jet It has little wind resistance, although this also depends on the thickness of the water film. Due to its operating speed, noise level is very low, which makes it particularly suitable for indoor fountains. As it does not depend on the level of water in the fountain pond, it is advisable to set to a height at which the film does not break when it falls.

Mushroom Jet family fountain nozzles  Mushroom Jet sample in an indoor fountain  Detaill of Mushroom Jet forefront
Outdoor fountain with several Mushroom Jet  Mushroom Jet nozzle lit in red  Mushroom Jet lighted with RGB
Mushroom water Jet lit with RGB  Mushroom Jet nozzle
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Special Crowns

Special Crowns fountain nozzles are jet manifolds that combine various tilt angles to Water fountain made of just one Special Crown produce a variety of water falls at different heights. They are equipped with internal pressure reducers, so that pressure can be distributed internally to produce circular crowns of different heights using a single water inlet. This fountain nozzle on its own is capable of filling both small and large diameter ponds due to the wide range of sizes available.

Special Crown manufactured in Brass  Special Crown manufactured in Brass  Special Crown manufactured in Brass
Special Crown lighted with RGB
Download the data sheet in .PDF format