PAR-56 light fixtures

Our PAR-56underwater light fixtures are manufactured from cast brass and plastic. Their interiors are suitable for housing high power PAR-56 bulbs. The joints that guarantee water-tightness (IP68) are manufactured from Fountain lighted with submersible incandescence lightsheat resistant rubber, so they are not affected by the large amounts of heat generated by these lights. Similarly, windows are used to cool the plastic version of these lights for architectural fountains.These can be sold with bulbs ranging from 12 to 230 V AC, making them adaptable to any electrical standard

Submersible incandescence light with PAR-56 lamp  Submersible light with PAR-56 incandescence lamp  Submersible plastic light with PAR-56 lamp
Example of instalation with plastic submersible lights and PAR-56 lamps  Submersible PAR-56 light detail in a decorative fountain  Submersible PAR-56 light detail with colour filter 
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