Fountain Nozzles

Crystalline Fountain Jets

Crystalline water jets nozzles
Crystalline Fountain Jets: These fountain nozzles produce a crystalline fountain jet and ensure that its flow inside the jet pipe is laminar. In order to prevent turbulence, all nozzles in the series are fitted with jet disturbers to “calm” the water flow. The aim is to ensure that the fountain jet is transparent, which means there must be no air inside it. The most representative jet produced by this jet pipe is the crystal-clear jet.

Frothy Fountain Jets

Frothy water jets
Frothy Fountain Jets: The aim of these fountain nozzles is to generate “white or frothy” water jets in water feature fountains. In order to achieve this, turbulent flow has to be generated inside the jet pipe, which can be achieved in two ways:
1.  The outgoing jet drawing a column of water from the basin: it has to remain immersed in water (cascade).
2.  Mixing air and water via the Venturi effect (foam jet). Both features (geyser and foam cascade) combined.

Rotatory Fountain Nozzles

Architectural fountains rotatory nozzles
Rotatory Fountain Nozzles: Thanks to rotating nozzles - also known as dancing or dynamic nozzles - we are able to add dynamism to the water and obtain attractive water games that are suitable for use in both cybernetic fountains and in musical fountains, in which the rhythm of the music merges with the movement of the water.

Spray Feature

Spray feature water jets
Spray Feature: These types of fountain nozzles are used to generate a volume of water spray with a drop size of no greater than 1 mm. These fountain jets are not used to create great jet heights but rather large volumes in water fountains. When these volumes are created, the lighting manages to totally change the appearance of the fountain during the day and at night, providing two different effects. Oxygenation of the water in the basin is also enhanced.

Spherical Shapes

Spherical fountain nozzles
Spherical Shapes: This type of fountain nozzle requires a separate mention, given its special appearance and performance. It could be catalogued as crystalline fountain jet because each individual jet pipe generates a disc of transparent water, but the end result is the combination of hundreds of discs that create a remarkable spherical (or semi-spherical) volume. Furthermore, because it moves a large volume of water, it forms an extremely large column when it falls.

Bespoke Nozzles

Architectural fountains bespoken nozzles
Bespoke Nozzles: Our distribution boxes are specifically designed to obtain bespoke play fountains that suits your needs, due to the top cover, you can put different nozzles which offers the possibility of getting multiple water effects in a the architectural fountain. This product leaves the door open to your imagination to get in a single component the desired water jets.