Fan of Jets

This fountain nozzle is a water manifold that houses up to 21 x 4 mm diameter jet nozzle heads. Its unique feature is the shape of the manifold, which makes the jets fan out. Moreover, because of the outlet angle, these jets are also parabolic, i.e. Fan of Jets fountain nozzle sample it combines both patterns: divergent fans and parabolic water jets.It is used in outdoor fountains as a secondary feature. To keep the jets compact, heights of over 5 metres are not recommended.

Fan of jets nozzle with one line of water jets  Fan of jets nozzle with two line of water jets  Fan of jets
Fan of jets nozzle  Fan of jets   Fan of jets nozzle
Fan of jets nozzle details
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Technical Features

  • Wind resistance
  • Splash
  • Noise level
  • Visibility
  • Water appearance Glass clear
  • Water level dependent No
  • Flow straightener vane Yes
  • Ball joint No