Jet pipe stocks

Stainless steel Jet pipe stocksJet pipe stocks are made of stainless steel with brass connectors. They are manufactured in two diameter sizes

  • Ø 35 mm and 1¼” m connectors
  • Ø 54 mm and 2" m connectors

The outlets for both diameter sizes are made from brass with 3/8" F, 1/2" F or 1" F gas threads, or 2" F only for those with a 54 mm diameter. In very long water fountains, several pipe stocks can be joined together with “T” joints and used as water inlets..

We would also like to highlight their use as a water curtain. In order to create a straight line or tilted angle jet feature, we replace the end fittings with water curtainjet nozzles.

All our pipe stocks can be custom-made according to the design of the desired water feature. Please, take in account that this product is sold without the nozzles and you may enquire them according to the outlet size. Please consult the technical data sheet for pre-fabricated models and if you do not find a product that fits the design of your water feature, do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will give you a quotation for an alternative.

Accessories: Pipe stock and manifold support bases

Stainless steel Jet pipe stocks  Stainless steel Jet pipe stocks  Stainless steel Jet pipe stocks
Download the data sheet in .PDF format