Polygon-shaped fountain Ring

Stainless Steel Polygon Shapen fountain ringPolygon-shaped fountain ring is made from stainless steel piping in two diameter sizes:

  • Ø 35 mm and 4 x 1¼" F connectors
  • Ø 54 mm and 4 x 2" F connectors

The sides are joined together using a special 150° “T” joint, forming a 12-sided polygon.
Both diameter sizes are available with brass end fittings featuring 3/8" FH, 1/2" F, and 1" F gas threads. For Ø 54, they are also available with 2" F outlets.
This fountain ring must be used when diameter sizes of more than 1 m are required.

All our water manifolds can be manufactured on demand and according to the design of the desired water feature. Please consult the technical data sheet for pre-fabricated models and if you do not find a product that fits the design of your water feature, do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will give you a quotation for an alternative.

Accessories: Pipe stock and manifold support bases

Stainless Steel Polygon Shapen fountain ring in Architectural fountain  Stainless Steel Polygon Shapen fountain ring  Water fountain iluminated at night
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