Standard kit for fountains

Standard fountain kits are the ideal solution for any architectural fountain. Taking advantage of the extensive range of perfect lighting in your architectural fountain. that we manufacture, we have defined up to 55 different fountain kits, with water jet heights from 50 centimeters to 6 meters depending on the nozzle, so that you can find the right water effect or the combination of them that best suits the aesthetics and dimensions of your ornamental fountain. Designed for a very easy installation including not only the pump and the fountain nozzle, but also a height-adjustable support allowing a very simple adjustment to the water level, fixing and levelling. All fountain kits have their set of lights defined to ensure perfect lighting in your architectural fountain.

Standard kit for fountains - Our standard fountain kits make it easy to install any architectural fountainDownload data sheet

Product features:

  • Easily installable. These kits include everything necessary for its proper operation.
  • Maximum energy efficiency for the defined height and type of jet.
  • Wide variety of jet types and heights.
  • Adaptable to the most common dimensions of ornamental fountain pools.
  • Installation aids that allow fixing to the bottom of the pond, height adjustment and levelling.
  • Optionally, we provide the control and protection panel.
  • Models from 0.12hp to 1.34hp and 50Hz or 60 Hz.