Components for fountain systems and water shows

Architectural fountain equipmentThanks to our fountain systems a lot of companies along the world have been able to design and install architectural fountains and water shows for many years. We offer our customers an extensive range of components, from our range of fountain nozzles to lighting articles, such as our submersible lights and our underwater LED fountain lights, as well as multiple accessories for water fountains (junction boxes, wall bushings, cable bushings, flow stabilizers, bottom water intakes, overflows, anemometers, pump units… etc.) and our extensive catalog of fountain kits, such as our floating aerators or floating fountains; we offer series for both professional and domestic use. In short, we are capable of offering you everything necessary to complete the design and installation of your architectural fountainor water show where the choreography of the music makes the water and lights play together.

Water Show

water show
Water show: Get an impressive water show thanks to the products you will find in this section. They combine water, light, sound and technology to provide the viewer a water show that will never leave anybody unmoved. Starting with the dancing fountains where water dances to the music beat, thanks to PLC or DMX technologies incorporated in our Control Panels, , and ending with digital water curtains that thanks to its...

Fountain Equipment

Architectural fountain Equipment
Fountain equipment: we have been manufacturing fountain equipment and fountain systems since 1982. Thanks to our long experience in the development of accessories for fountains we can offer a wide range of articles to complete the design of an architectural water feature. We offer our customers an extensive range of fountain components.

Dry Deck Fountains

Architectural dry deck fountain
Dry Deck Fountains: Complete interactive play fountain that is expressly designed for installations where children and adults alike can enjoy themselves among spectacular water changes, no doubt creating a lively atmosphere. The Safe-Rain RDI team has designed this interactive play fountain with the aim of offering professional fitters everything they need to complete the installation of interactive fountains and splash pads that will delight children and adults alike.

Floating Fountains and Floating Aerators

Floating fountains and floating aerators
Floating fountains and aerators: Floating Fountains and Floating Aerators are fountain kits that can be easily installed in lakes or ponds, both artificial and natural. Safe-Rain sells a wide variety of models ranging from 1/2 hp. to 40 hp. providing its own range of manufactured products, and Titan, Select, and Evolution series by Aqua Control.

Water Curtains

Water curtains
Water Curtains: water curtain comprises a 4 mm wide strip of plastic sheeting, along which the water runs under the effect of gravity from the outlet to the fountain pond. The out-flowing water runs continuously over the plastic sheet, which can even be fitted at an angle of 15º without the drop of water falling. A counterweight is fitted at the end of the plastic sheet so that the thread is taut at all times.

Prefabricated Fountain Kits

Prefabricated fountain kits
Prefabricated Kits: >Standard fountain kits are the ideal solution for any architectural fountain. Taking advantage of the extensive range of perfect lighting in your architectural fountain. that we manufacture, we have defined up to 55 different fountain kits...