SR-4646 Pop-up Sprinklers

The SR-4646 pop-up impact sprinkler unit is designed for irrigation systems in private and public gardens. The housing resists UV rays and low temperatures, and is fitted with a SR-4201 head.

SR-4646 Pop-up Sprinklers

Features of SR-4646 Pop-up Sprinklers

  • ¾" F female threaded inlet.
  • Anti-ultraviolet ABS housing.
  • Self-cleaning twin-lip joint.
  • Filter and anti-drain valve.
  • Non-splash sprinkler hammer
  • Jet cut-off screw.
  • Operating range from 7 to 13 m.
  • Spray fan adjustable from 35º to 360º
  • Manual range and spray adjustment.
  • Sprinkler height of 18 cm
  • Stem height of 4.5 cm.
  • Trouble-free mechanism.

We have recently re-designed the SR-4201 FC sprinkler head fitted on the SR-4646 FC housing unit to improve the quality of the jet and thus provide a greater watering range by means of slower rotation. Significantly, it is the smallest metal sprinkler on the market

Download the data sheet in .PDF format