New Architectural Fountains Products

New products for architectural fountainsOur premise is to adapt to your needs, and, thus, we develop a broad range of fountains that can range from simple adaptations of standard products to the complete development of a new, final product.

Being manufacturers and having broad experience in the industry gives us the ability to be able to develop and manufacture the product most suited to your needs.

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Dec /2017
Rotating fountain Twister
Rotary nozzles that achieves amazing Effects, big amount of water in movement. Through the exclusive low friction swivel system developed by SAFE RAIN, get the rotation using only water pressure allowing.... Read More

Ocean LED light

June /2016
Ocean submersible LED light
The Ocean submersible LED light is the resultant of the constant search of new products by SAFE RAIN, to address the lighting requirements of the present architectural fountains and water shows... Read More

Willow tree jet

January /2016
Willow tree jet fountain nozzle
Brass made nozzle, this fountain nozzles mold the water shaping it as a Willow tree, raising in an outwards parabola, emulating the trunk, and later while falling down, remembering the branches of a willow wept.... Read More


June /2015
LED architectural Fountain Ring SEA
Our SEA LED light-fixture manufactured in brass and stainless steel (AISI – 304) has a new slim line design, which incorporates a 27W LED circuit controllable through a DMX system. Thanks to the 30˚or 10˚ angle lens offered in this light fixture...Read More

Floating Aerator

May /2015
Pond floating aerator and aeration module
Thanks to water pond aeration system manufactured by Safe-Rain you could oxygenate the water of any lake, facilitating biological cycles and ensuring the effectiveness of bacterial products that reduce nutrients... Read More

WE DO CUSTOM DEVELOPMENTS - Can not find what you are looking for, in SAFE-RAIN we offer the possibility of developing specific products for your architectural fountain.Contact for further information