Dancing Fountain

Thanks to our dancing fountain controlled by the latest DMX or PLC entertainment technology you'll get spectacular water effects where water dances to the beat of the music.

DMX Control Panels are specifically designed by our technical team and incorporate a touchscreen PC, software and the DMX technology needed to help you making water dance to the beat of the music. For those projects where water dynamism is required but without music, we recommend using our PLC technology Control Panels.

Musical Fountain Show

Dancing fountain show with DMX technologies
Musical Fountain Show: DMX Control Panels for musical fountains
  • They include computer technology and DMX necessary to be able to install a musical fountain.
  • Software allows you to program dancing water. Set the synchronization between water displays, lighting and musical choreography.
  • If desired, the Control Panel can be delivered programmed and ready to run the aquatic choreography you've defined in your dancing fountain.
  • For any project your show can be modified (water features, light and music) as many times as desired, in a simple and intuitive way.
  • There is the option of programming remotely through an internet secure connection.
  • This water entertainment technology allows communication between the software and the equipment, by a single cable, greatly reducing the wiring inside the basin of the dancing fountain.
  • Control of all the elements of the musical fountain, either individually or in sets, thanks to the DMX protocol.

Interactive Fountain *no music

Dancing fountain with PLC technology
Interactive fountain: PLC Control Panels for interactive fountain
  • Recommended for dancing water fountain projects with low or medium complexity that do not incorporate musical choreography.
  • The Control Panel is delivered programmed with the water displays that you've defined in your dancing fountain.
  • Incorporates PLC technology, with maximum reliability and stability of operation.
  • Simplicity of the Panel wiring.
  • Cheaper than DMX technology for not too complex fountain projects.
  • You can change the programming of the water displays thanks to the PLC software.
How to make a dancing fountain
Contact us and we will help youContact us to convey the needs of your project and our engineers will design the control panel, with DMX or PLC technology, that best suits the needs of your project thanks to our vast experience in dancing fountain.