Digital water curtain circular shaped

The digital water curtain circular shaped makes the difference in indoor and outdoor decorations because thanks to this product we get spectacular water effects that leave no one indifferent.

Digital curtain is provided in prefabricated modules made of quick action valves, nozzles, RGB LED high power light fixtures and DMX control necessary to print all kind of symbols and graphics in the water.

One of the most attractive options for our customers is to include two concentric digital curtain circular shaped getting awesome water features.

Technical specifications Circular digital water curtain features

Circular digital curtain data sheet

  • Two options are available: fixed or portable digital water curtain circular shaped.
  • Includes protection and control panel with touchscreen to interact with digital water curtain.
  • The software enables you to easily configure the entire system in person or remotely via the Internet.
  • Curtain can incorporate music to print symbols to the beat.
  • Curtain can incorporate motion sensors to gain interactivity with the people.
  • Water level control system that, using a level sensor, maintains the water level constant, replacing water lost from splashing or evaporation.
How to install a digital water curtain
Download the data sheet in PDF format