Experto en hidráulica de las Fuentes Ornamentales

Todo sobre hidráulica en las fuentes de agua ornamentales

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Juan Eusebio González Fariñas

Juan Eusebio González Fariñas

Juan Eusebio González Fariñas is Doctor in Civil Engineering, a lecturer of various subjects within Hydraulics, and more than anything, a huge architectural water fountain enthusiast. He has been Professor of Hydraulic Engineering at the University of La Laguna (Canary Islands) since 1995 and prior to that, between 1974 and 1994, he worked as a lecturer and researcher at the Hydraulic Research Center (C.I.H.) belonging to the "José Antonio Echeverría" Higher Polytechnic Institute (I.S.P.J.A.E.) in Havana.

He is a founding member of the School of Civil and Industrial Engineering (E.I.C.I.) at the University of La Laguna, for which he was the academic director from its creation until mid-2007.

He has won several awards throughout his career. Foremost among them was the prize he won at the International World Federation of Engineers (WEFEO'93) and the "Alfonso Gámez" Award from the College of Civil Engineers in December 2007.

He has devoted much of his life to research and teaching. He is the author of several websites, teaching materials, articles and various technical papers. Of them all, and given its close ties with the subject of this technical blog, we would like to highlight his book on the "Hidráulica de Fuentes Ornamentales (Hydraulics of Architectural Fountains)", published in 1998. In 2011, he brought out an updated version, extended to include Water Games, Slides and Spas: "Hidráulica de Fuentes Ornamentales e instalaciones acuáticas (the Hydraulics of Architectural Fountains and Water Features)". He is currently preparing an English edition under the title "Water Fountains. Art and Technology”.

List of professional articles and papers:
  • Hydraulics of Water Fountains/ Open Course Ware. The composition of a fountain in our times has to be a blend of rigorous artistic labor with visual creativity and technology in order to enhance the perception of "permanent" time in a physical area.

  • Website on the hydraulics of water fountains, originally produced in 1998, it is inspired on the motto: ‘If you have learned something and not passed it on ... you run the worst of risks: to know you are wise but also … bogged down’, written from the viewpoint of ‘technology … at the service of the artist’s imagination’

Juan Eusebio González Fariñas es Doctor Ingeniero de Caminos, Canales y Puertos, profesor de materias diversas de Hidráulica y, sobre todo, un apasionado de las fuentes ornamentales. Desde 1995 trabaja como profesor titular de Ingeniería Hidráulica en la Universidad de la Laguna (Canarias) y entre 1974 y 1994, trabajó como profesor e investigador en el Centro de Investigaciones Hidráulicas (C. I. H.) del Instituto Superior Politécnico “José Antonio Echeverría” (I. S. P. J. A. E.) en La Habana.

Es miembro fundador de la Escuela de Ingeniería Civil e Industrial (E. I. C. I.) de la Universidad de la Laguna y ocupó responsabilidades en la dirección académica de la misma, desde su creación hasta mediados de 2007.

A lo largo de su carrera profesional ha obtenido diferentes premios. Destacan, entre ellos, un Premio en el Concurso Internacional de la Federación Mundial de Ingenieros (WEFEO´93) y el Premio “Alfonso Gámez”, del Colegio de Ingenieros de Caminos, Canales y Puertos, en Diciembre de 2007.

Ha dedicado gran parte de su vida a la investigación y a la docencia. Es autor de varias páginas web, materiales docentes, artículos y monografías técnicas diversas. De todos ellos, y por la relación que tiene con este blog técnico, se destaca el Libro sobre Hidráulica de Fuentes Ornamentales, editado en 1998. En 2011 publicó una edición actualizada y ampliada con instalaciones de Juegos de agua, Toboganes y Spas: “Hidráulica de Fuentes Ornamentales e instalaciones acuáticas”. Actualmente prepara una edición inglesa bajo el título “Water Fountains. Art and Technology”.

Listado de artículos y participaciones de carácter profesional:
  • Hidráulica de Fuentes Ornamentales / Open Course Ware. La composición de una fuente ha de ser, en nuestro tiempo, el resultado de un riguroso parto artístico en el que se combinen la creatividad plástica y la tecnología en la intención de reforzar la percepción temporal, o "permanente", de un espacio.
  • Página web sobre hidráulica de fuentes ornamentales, original de 1998, está inspirada en el lema: Si se ha aprendido algo, y no se corre el peor de los riesgos: soñarse sabio ...¡ y estancarse ! y escrita con la premisa de la tecnología, servicio de la imaginación del artista

The purpose of this article is to attempt to solve the problems faced by designers, planners and installation workers of architectural water features when they take on a new project. Between when the water is driven by the pump units and when it exits through the nozzles it passes through a series of pipes and components that cause pressure losses. It is essential to be able to calculate these losses in order to successfully tackle a project for an architectural water feature.

This article sets out a series of theoretical and practical calculations made on a spreadsheet, which is freely available, from which the optimal results necessary for resolving the hydraulic calculations of an architectural water feature can be obtained.Read More

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  • Shafeeq
    Shafeeq says #
    Is there any thumb rule or formula to calculate the width of a water feature with respect to the height of water shoot upwards, so
  • Juan Eusebio González Fariñas
    Juan Eusebio González Fariñas says #
    Dear Shafeeq, The general rule used for a vertical jet in which the fall of water occurs in a pond with a free surface of water is
  • enerpac hydraulics
    enerpac hydraulics says #
    Very informative blog. Thanks sir for sharing such a nice information. To understand architectural foundation is the basic.

To conclude this section, we will continue with our recommendations on designing architectural fountains and are going to look at the following points:

9.- To ensure proper delivery of water from a fountain nozzle - – i.e. so that the jet coincides with the nozzle axis and therefore reaches its maximum height – it should be fitted with a straight section of pipe before the nozzle or else you need to use an accessory with flat radial blades, known as ‘flow deflectors, that reduces any secondary cross movement of the water flow reaching the nozzle. Read more

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We resume our section of tips about fountain design by turning to the all-important matter of water storage, feed circuits and water pumps

5.- Analyze the water storage. When the artistic design calls for one or several basins or mirrors of water in an architectural fountain, we suggest you size them so that they also store the extra volume of water required to fill the piping and keep the jets and cascades working, thereby avoiding the need to build additional water tanks to ensure all parts function properly (nozzles, undewater lighting, pumping systems, …etc)  and also to prevent overflows when the fountain is out of service. Read More

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When dealing with the question of fountain design, quite often a few simple and efficient initial recommendations are required, as are replies to questions that are more frequently asked than you might imagine. Therefore, both this and future posts on this blog are going to set out a series of considerations to be taken into account when tackling the design of an architectural fountain. As altogether there are quite a number of points to be considered, this post focuses on the technological and construction parts as well as analyzing architectural fountains with nozzles.

Vaious design of architectural fountains with accessories manufactured by Safe-Rain

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  • Yilliang
    Yilliang says #
    Thanks for the advice on how to design a beautiful fountain. I had no idea that there was so much to consider when designing a fou
  • Juan Eusebio González Fariñas
    Juan Eusebio González Fariñas says #
    Hi Yilliang: We hope you will obtain a nice design and ejoy it with all family and Friends. Juan
  • Vasudeva
    Vasudeva says #
    Thanks for the in depth details, this will use full for our feature projects.Thanks Mr. JUAN.