Director del Dpto Técnico de Safe-Rain hasta 2012.

Experto en el desarrollo de boquillas y en su instalación dentro de las fuentes ornamentales.

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Carlos Velasco Ferrer

Carlos Velasco Ferrer

Carlos Velasco Ferrer joined Safe-Rain in 1982 for the creation and development of a new department of architectural fountains. He has been the manager of design, development and manufacture of nozzles, underwater spotlights and most of the accessories for architectural fountains of Safe-Rain. He has taught and conferences at both the University and in agencies or private companies. He has published articles of architectural fountains. In May 2012 he has retired, although Safe-Rain has contributions from long experience and collaboration in these technical articles of water feature fountains.

Carlos Velasco Ferrer se incorporó a Safe-Rain en 1.982 para la creación y desarrollo de una nueva División de Fuentes Ornamentales. En esta División ha sido el responsable del Diseño, Desarrollo y Fabricación de las Toberas, Focos y material de Infraestructura para Fuentes. Ha impartido clases y conferencias tanto en la Universidad como en Organismos y Empresas privadas. Ha publicado artículos sobre Fuentes Ornamentales. En mayo de 2012 se ha jubilado, si bien Safe-Rain cuenta con la aportación de su larga experiencia y la colaboración en estos artículos técnicos sobre las fuentes de agua ornamentales .

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We would like to round off this series on fountain nozzles with others that, despite being less widely used, nevertheless provide very interesting aesthetics in water feature fountains.Read more

Examples of laminar effect nozzles made by Safe-Rain

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  • Jana at Fountain And Garden Universe
    Jana at Fountain And Garden Universe says #
    Hi Carlos – What an interesting and informative article on fountain nozzles. With so many choices, a different look for your foun
  • Juan David Crespo
    Juan David Crespo says #
    Hello Jana, Thank you very much for your comment. Effectively, your experience with water spray is very common. It is very impo

Water-drawing nozzles for architectural and water feature fountainsToday we continue our in-depth look at how the nozzles most commonly used in architectural fountains work and focus on those based on water entrainment or air suction – the latter used to produce a foaming effect in the water jet.

Water-drawing Nozzles. Based on the Venturi effect, this nozzle uses the speed of the propelled water to draw water from the basin which is then mixed with the initial stream to form a much greater mass of water than before. Looking at the diagram in figure 23, the jet of water discharged out of the central pipe is seen to draw in the water around the pipe. This effect causes an under-pressure that draws water from the basin. The jet propelled through the pipe when mixed with the drawn water forms a large mass of water discharged over the nozzle. Read more

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  • Kevin Ruud
    Kevin Ruud says #
    Very Cool, this is how old steam locomotives used to add feed water into the boiler.

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Solid nozzle jet with inclination

The solid water jet nozzle was the first cone nozzle to appear in history and at first was the simple pipe-end that we mentioned in the first article of this blog, through which water was discharged at a certain pressure (Fig. 10). Depending on the tilt of the pipe-end, the water jet rises vertically or forms a parabola.

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  • jayesh jani
    jayesh jani says #
    Nice Articles. Thank You for sharing this post

Some of the fountain nozzles manufactured by Safe-Rain

The nozzle is the part from which sprayed water exits and is shaped to achieve a particular aesthetic effect. It is therefore the key player in a water feature fountain as it is responsible for propelling large volumes of water into the air. The origin of the nozzle lies in the pipe-end, which in principle is basically the short tube through which water flows into a fountain. Prior to the pipe-end, the actual pipe protruded from the ground or wall to discharge water but for beauty and functional reasons, an extra part was added – the pipe-end - which was fitted on the end of the pipe. Designed with mythological (griffon), zoomorphic or merely geometric figures, pipe-ends were an ornamental part of fountains.Read More

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  • taha
    taha says #
    Hello good time During the 45-meter pool for Width 9 m 14 Kumite on both sides of the nozzle Three galactic fountain in the mi
  • Juan Antonio Zamora
    Juan Antonio Zamora says #
    Hello Mr Taha, With the intention to help we suggest you to fill out the form on our website please. Once we receive all the inf

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