Acomplete interactive play fountain that is expressly designed for installations where children and adults alike can Children enjoying with the water jets performed by an Interactive Fountain enjoy themselves among spectacular water changes, no doubt creating a lively atmosphere

The Safe-Rain RDI team has designed this interactive play fountain with the aim of offering professional fitters everything they need to complete the installation of interactive fountains and splash pads that will delight children and adults alike.

Interactive Play fountain  Frontal view of the dry deck fountain  The waterboy dry fountain with a Snowy Jet Nozzle
Set of nozzles available with the Waterboy  Lighted water jets in an indoor Interactive Play Fountain  Spectacular water jets in a Splash Pad in Madrid
Waterboy Video in Safe-Rain Labs

Thank you Caitlin Leary for letting us publishing the picture of his authorship.


  • A complete easy-to-install interactive fountain set.
  • Made from stainless steel.
  • It includes a nozzle. You can choose from the following models: lance jet, foam jet and jet crown.
  • We fit lighting containing three LED spotlights (white and RGB).
  • Energy savings of 85% with LED technology.
  • As an option, you can fit an electric switchboard to program the different interactive play fountains.
  • Water jet opening and closing can be controlled using an underwater IP68 electric valve
  • We fit a secondary underwater electric valve in addition to the main one in order to maintain constant pressure at all times
  • Exclusive Safe-Rain design.
Download the data sheet in PDF format