Floating Fountains and Floating Aerators

Floating Fountains and Floating Aerators are fountain kits that can be easily installed in lakes or ponds, both artificial and natural. Safe-Rain sells a wide variety of models ranging from 1/2 hp. to 40 hp. providing its own range of manufactured products, and Titan, Select, and Evolution series by Aqua Control.

In addition to its impressive effect on water, it is used for artificial lakes aeration. Without sufficient circulation, a pond becomes stratified with warmer water on the surface and colder, oxygen-depleted water on the bottom. Lack of oxygen increases the anaerobic (without oxygen) decomposition of the sludge at the bottom. This decomposition helps to develop nutrients in the pond, which, in turn, increases algae blooms.

Safe Rain professional series

Safe Rain professional series
Safe Rain professional series: The SAFE RAIN PROFESSIONAL SERIES of floating fountains is a breakthrough in easy installation of complete floating fountains. We have developed robust, reliable and versatile systems that can be easily converted into spectacular dynamic fountains.

Floating fountains Safe-Rain series

Safe-Rain floating fountains
Safe-Rain floating fountains: floating fountains easy to install, that incorporate a pump of 0.75 hp. to 1.34 hp. With our range of products you could decorate swimming pools, ponds and lakes, providing a luxurious and architectural touch to any landscape or construction.

Floating aerators Safe-Rain series

Floating aerators Safe-Rain
Floating aerators Safe-Rain: Some floating fountains manufactured by Safe-Rain are noted for their power of oxygenation in ponds because of the water effect of its nozzles. Those floating fountains are the floating aerators range of Safe-Rain.

Select series

Select floating fountains
Select series: ranging from 1 hp. to 7.5 hp. Such compacts are the cornerstone of all Aqua Control floating fountains that offer an impressive performance. It is marketed in two different arrangements, with vertical orientation of the pump, or horizontal, according to the depth of the lake.

Titan series

Titan floating founains
Titan series: this kind of floating fountain for lakes ranges between 7.5 hp. to 40 hp. It is a perfect solution to provide a great visual impact on large lakes. The illumination of these architectural fountains in the evening enhances its spectacular beauty.

Pool floating fountain

Pool floating fountains
Pool floating fountains: is a set of water jets , nozzle, crown with ring of 48 LED fountain lights and submersible pump. It is ideal for its simplicity and size, to install in ponds and swimming pools.