Floating fountains Safe-Rain series

Safe-Rain floating fountains have been specifically designed for swimming pools, ponds and lakes decoration, providing a perfect complement to decorate these architectural landscapes. Easy to install, these kits incorporate a pump between 0.75 hp. - 1.34 hp. and with the addition of different nozzles can achieve different water features.

Although floating fountains are aerators themselves, as the splash of the jets crashing against the surface of the pond breathes O2 in standing water. We offer the possibility of optimizing the aeration of any pond through our pond floating aerator.

SAFE-RAIN SERIES FLOATING FOUNTAINS - All details about the new Safe-Rain series for pools and ponds.Download data sheet

Two different pumps for Safe-Rain floating fountains

Product features:

  • Easy to install. These kits incorporate everything needed for proper operation.
  • As easy as plug and play, and starts up.
  • Depending on the model is provided with a vertical pump with 0.75 hp. or horizontal with 1.34 hp.
  • Only one person is needed to complete installation.
  • They can be installed in pools and ponds with a minimum depth of 60 cm.
  • Optionally, can be provided with 4-8 LED RGB PAR-56 lights or 4-8 LED RGB Lake lights.
  • Optionally, we provide the protection and control panel.
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