Water pond aeration system

Water pond aeration system

Thanks to water pond aeration system manufactured by Safe-Rain you could oxygenate the water of any lake, facilitating biological cycles and ensuring the effectiveness of bacterial products that reduce nutrients and clarify water.

Although floating fountains are aeration systems themselves as the fall of the jets crashing against the surface of the pool insufflating O2 in standing water. We offer you the possibility of optimizing the aeration of any pond thanks to our water pond aeration system.

Submersible Pond Aerator

Submersible Pond Aerator saferain
Submersible Pond Aerator: The submersible pond aeratorstrong> is designed to meet the need of those who want to oxygenate the water of a pond without the water jets included in a floating fountain.

With this aerator you will oxygenate the deeper areas of the pond, stabilizing biological water regeneration and obtaining optimal quality of it.

Calculadora saferainCalculating the number of hours/day for pond oxygenation

Total pond volume in Liters (Separate decimals with "."):
Water temperature in Degrees Celsius
Safe-Rain aerators pump power that suits you: 
Time needed for pond aeration* Approximate values.:  hours/ day

Submerged Pond Aeration Module

Submerged Pond Aeration Module
Submerged Pond Aeration Module: Our submerged pond aeration module is based on the Venturi principle and two pumps from 130W to 420W that move a air flow rate of 10800 to 14800 liters/hour to get water breathe enough oxygen for artificial pond maintenance.

This submersible pond aeration module supports any floating fountains bearing 560W pump and has everything you need to easily attach to the floater, optimizing pond aeration.

Pond water aeration
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