Wind can cause undesirable effects on a architectural fountain. That is why we have designed an anemometer for architectural fountains Architectural fountains anemometer that performs three programmable actions depending on the wind speed.

In every action the user can program the wind speed that activates the anemometer and the status of the corresponding outputs of the electric module, allowing for example -always depending on the control panel - functions such as:

  • Setup frequency converter to avoid water splashing out of the architectural fountain.
  • Turning off the water pump to stop the architectural fountain.
  • Turning off fountain lighting to avoid unnecessary consumption when the water pumps are stopped.
  • Activating the fill solenoid valve.

Thanks to our anemometer for architectural fountains you can schedule actions to take when the wind reaches an excessive speed.

This product is sold with a supply voltage of 110-230 / 50-60 Hz

Download the data sheet in .PDF format