Pies Sujeción Colectores Pies Sujeción Colectores

Support for manifolds

These accessories are used to fix the water manifolds in place without it being necessary to fix them directly over the water intakes. This spreads the load over several points of the manifold or pipe stock and ensures that they are properly horizontal in relation to the ground. Robust, made of stainless steel and adjustable in height to be adaptable to the dimensions that normally have fountain ponds, and the correct leveling.

Support for Lights

Accessory designed to fix the spotlights in the proper location inside the pond for optimum illumination of the different water effects. We offer 2 models, one adjustable in height and fixed to the bottom of the pond, and another one of direct fixation to the collector pipe. This system is economical and avoids intervening in the pond slab.

Download the data sheet in .PDF format