Fountain Lighting

Architectural fountain lighted at nightWhen it comes to fountain lighting , a distinction can be made between lights using LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology and halogen lights. In absolute terms, it is still not possible to achieve the same lighting values with LED lights as it is with incandescent lights. However in relative terms (lumens emitted per consumed watt), it is worth highlighting that the predominant trend is clearly in favor of LED lights. Applying everything outlined above to the fountain lighting, we generally recommend the use of underwater LED fountain lights to light up water jets with a height of up to 10m or large volumes of water, compared to submersible lights that reach an optimal performance with water jets of a greater height.

LED Fountain Lights

Architectural fountains lighting
LED Fountain Lights: Our range of underwater LED fountain lights consists of a wide variety of articles, from Lake Lights to LED crowns. We recommend the use of fountain LED lights for lighting up fountains with water jets with a height of less than 10m. It should be taken into account that LEDs offer a lot of advantages such as durability, chromatic reproduction, resistance to being turned on and off continually, the achievement of any color through RGB combinations ... etc.

River LED strip

River LED strip
Linear Lighting: Using LED technology, a very particular type of lighting has been developed, not intended to illuminate large volumes, but to highlight a specific area in a modern and stylish way. This is the purpose of these LED strips, capable of being molded to adapt to many different shaped outlines. In ornamental fountains they are intended to mark out the perimeter of the pool or, inside the fountain, to make us focus on what we want to highlight

Incandescent Fountain Lights

Submersible incandescent fountain lights
Incandescent Fountain Lights: We offer a wide range of underwater incandescent fountain lights, from the traditional PAR-38 or PAR-56 bulbs to the highest performance lights such as dichroic halogens, or those of the HALOSPOT type. We recommend any product from our range of LED fountain lights for fountain lighting with large water jets with a height in excess of 10 m, as in absolute terms their performance is superior to fountain LED lights.