Crown with three dichroic spotlights

The crown of three dichroic spotlights is an economical solution with great lighting power, since the nozzle sits in the central part, which optimizes the amount of Crown with dichroic LED spotlights light that reaches the water. It is composed of three submersible, dichroic LED spotlights, with the choice of brass or plastic and white of RGB, which provide very good lighting.

We can incorporate this crown with any of our 1" and 1.5" nozzles without having to include a DMX controller for the lighting.

Crown with dichroic spotlights and lance jet  Crown with dichroic spotlights  Crown with LED dichroic spotlights


  • Economical product, easy to install.
  • Low power consumption and good lighting.
  • Easily replaceable parts in the event of breakdown.
  • Does not require a DMX controller.
Download the data sheet in PDF format