Incandescent underwater fountain lights

Incandescent underwater fountain lights are traditionally used the lighting of architectural water features. These submersible lights can be high-powered lights, although it is possible to use average lighting performance to light up water jets of great heights, due to the large number of lumens that they emit. Their low cost makes them suitable when there is a very tight final budget for a water fountain. The majority of models are available in either machined brass and injected plastic, thereby maximizing versatility.

  • PAR-38 submersible lights

  • PAR-38 underwater fountain lights
  • PAR-38 lights are manufactured from brass and plastic. Both models are ...

  • Dichroic halogen lights

  • Dichroic halogen submersible light
  • These dichroic halogen lights can take either 1 or 3 dichroic halogen bulbs...

  • PAR-56 submersible lights

  • PAR-56 underwater fountain lights
  • Our PAR-56 lights are manufactured from cast brass and plastic ...