Dichroic Halogen Submersible Lights

These dichroic halogensubmersible light fixtures can take either 1 or 3 dichroic halogen bulbs:

For a dichroic light. These submersible light fixtures are manufactured from brass (using a stamping process) and plastic. Both models have dry niches, leading to advantages when it comes to choosing the bulb. The cable glands fitted to them are designed and manufactured by Safe-Rain, with the complete safety of the IP68 protection rating. They can be sold with very low safety voltage (12 V AC) dichroic bulbs and different powers and light beams. As an option they can be installed with a 20 or 60W transformer. Fountain lighted in the Casa de Campo of MadridThey include a series of 5 color filters in each light. They are also fitted with a shielded lid for the protection of the light .

For three dichroic lights. Manufactured in brass, these fountain lights can take up to 3 dichroic halogen bulbs, which can achieve powers of up to 225W. The corresponding color filters can be used to generate RGB color change sequences

Halogen Dichroic lights made of plastic and brass  Halogen light with three dichroic lamps  Colours filter to get the RGB scale
Fountain lighted by night

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