PAR-38 light fixtures

PAR-38underwater light fixtures are manufactured from brass and plastic. Both models are fitted with windows to ensure that the light is kept cool at all times, thereby considerably lengthening its useful life. This also means that they should be installed underwater. Panoramic photo of a fountain lighted with submersibles incandescence lights The system that makes them completely submersible (IP 68) is a rubber joint with triple protection. They can be sold with 12, 24 and 230 C AC bulbs, making them adaptable to any standard. Their power ranges from 80 to 120W. As options, there is also a range of color filters and light protection grates.

Brass submersible light with PAR-38 lamp  Plastic submersible light with PAR-38 lamp  PAR-38 light accessories
Fountain illuminated with submersible lights  Small water sphere lighted with submersible incandescence lights


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