Crown of Jets

These fountain nozzles are jet manifolds that combine various tilt angles to produce a variety of water falls at different heights. They are equipped with internal pressure reducers, so that pressure can be distributed internally Crown of water jets Sample to produce circular crowns of different heights using a single water inlet. This fountain nozzle on its own is capable of filling both small and large diameter ponds due to the wide range of sizes available.

Crown of jets fountain nozzle  Crown of jets nozzle with different outlet jets  Crown of Jets sample
Crown of Jets sample  Crown of Jets sample  Crown of Jets sample
Crown of Jets lighted with RGB  Crown of Jets with blue lights
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Technical Features

  • Wind resistance
  • Splash
  • Noise level
  • Visibility
  • Water appearance Glass clear
  • Water level dependent No
  • Flow straightener vane No
  • Ball joint No