Hollow Jet

The hollow jet nozzle achieves the same benefits as the launch jet nozzle III, but with considerable savings in flow, and, thus, energy. Hollow jet nozzle

The water jet, being hollow, requires less power in a pump than its equivalent in launch jets, which means significant energy savings in operation due to low power consumption of the pump.

In short, with this nozzle we reduce the cost of installation of the decorative fountain, as well as its subsequent operation.

Hollow jet nozzle with external ball  Hollow jet nozzle with external ball  Image by Rowen Atkinson
Impresionante chorro hueco  Impressive fountain with hollow jets at night

The main body of the nozzle is made of AISI 304 stainless steel and is sold with or without an external ball and socket joint.

Thank you Rowen Atkinson for letting us publishing the picture of your authorship.

Download the data sheet in .PDF format

Technical Features

  • Wind resistance
  • Splash
  • Noise level
  • Visibility
  • Water appearance Clear
  • Water level dependent No
  • Flow straightener vane Yes
  • Swivel flange Yes