Lance Jet Flow Adjustable

Fuente ornamental con boquillas Chorro de Lanza RegulableIn this new series we have added to the most used nozzle the most common complement: a valve for regulating and adjusting the flow rate; We have achieved this without losing the functionality of the ball joint that allows tilting and thus achieve the parabolic shots without the need for additional pieces. This element has been developed with the least possible effect on the water regime, compact design, avoiding the use of a hand for regulation, which in most cases are manufactured in Iron that must be removed from the fountain after adjustment for avoid the production of oxidations. This new series therefore shortens the installation time by reducing the number of parts needed while maintaining performance and utilities.

Boquillas Chorro de Lanza Regulable   Montaje Chorro de Lanza Regulable en corona de LEDs  Montaje Chorro de Lanza Regulable

Thank you José Angel for letting us publishing the picture of his authorship.


Download the data sheet in PDF format

Technical Features

  • Wind resistance
  • Splash
  • Noise level
  • Visibility
  • Water appearance Clear
  • Water level dependent No
  • Flow straightener vane Yes
  • Swivel flange Yes