Rotating Fountain Nozzles

Thanks to rotating nozzles - also known as dancing or dynamic nozzles - we are able to add dynamism to the water and obtain attractive water games that are suitable for use in both cybernetic fountains and in musical fountains, in which the rhythm of the music merges with the movement of the water.

It is possible to use these types of fountain nozzles to bring the "water to life", which is a particularly attractive effect at night, allowing the water to fill any architectural space when it is lit up.

These types of rotating nozzles have been designed to add to architectural fountain projects that feature water games, which are an essential part of any musical or dancing fountain. Therefore, we believe that they will not leave anyone unimpressed, and that you will be able to use them in decorative indoor water features, or as a feature in any urban space.

  • Cyclone

  • Cyclone rotatory fountain nozzle
Cyclone: Rotating nozzle based on the exclusive low friction turning system developed by SAFE RAIN, thanks ti the arrangement of its 5 nozzles of 8 mm output generates very consistent rotary helical figures. Essential to make any foundation special by incorporating these elegant and striking figures in movement.
  • Twister

  • Twister rotatory fountain nozzle
Twister: Rotary nozzles that achieves amazing Effects, big amount of water in movement. Through the exclusive low friction swivel system developed by SAFE RAIN, get the rotation using only water pressure allowing both the vertical installation generating a dynamic sun effect essential in all musical fountains, or elevated horizontally generating a funny parasol ideal for children's play areas.
  • Hibiscus

  • Hibiscus rotatory fountain nozzle
Hibiscus: The main technique behind this nozzle is based on the principle of a waterwheel. Inclined jets of water create a torque (turning force) which, when transmitted correctly to a shaft, make the upper part of the nozzle rotate. The central jet of water is constructed with an inclination of a few degrees. When the upper part of the nozzle rotates, it creates a revolving cone.
  • Dancing

  • Dancing rotatory fountain nozzle
Dancing: As with the "Hibiscus" fountain nozzle, the theory behind the operation of this rotating nozzle is based on the waterwheel. Using only water pressure, a continuous effect of movement is created without additional mechanical or electrical devices. No movement is necessary to generate this watery swaying motion. A swaying motion that brings to mind mesmerizing Arab belly dancing.