Fountain Spray Rings

Indoor water curtainsBy working closely with our customers for many years, we have been able to develop fountain spray rings that meet the needs of all architectural fountains, creating almost any geometrical shape: circle patterns of any diameter, a number of pipe stocks or rows of water jets, or articulated polygons that allow multi-sided patterns to be created in any shape and with any number of sides (the geometrical shape can be adapted to the geometry of the water fountain basin.) In all cases, not only the diameter but also the number of jets and inlets can be specified for all fountain rings.

Circular Fountain Rings

Circular fountain ring for architectural fountains
Circular fountain rings are manufactured as a single part and do not require any joints when fitting. They are made from stainless steel piping in two diameter sizes: 35 mm diameter and 4 x 1" m connectors and Ø 54 mm and 4 x 1 1/2" m connections. Fountain rings measuring Ø 35 mm are available in 0.75 m and 1.00 m diameter sizes, while Ø 54 mm fountain rings can be 1.00 m or 1.50 m.

Polygonal Fountain Rings

Polygonal fountain rings for architectural fountains
Polygon-shaped fountain rings are made from stainless steel piping in two diameter sizes: Ø 35 mm and 4 x 1¼" F connectors and Ø 54 mm and 4 x 2" F connectors. The sides are joined together using a special 150° “T” joint, forming a 12-sided polygon. Both diameter sizes are available with brass end fittings featuring 3/8" FH, 1/2" F, and 1" F gas threads. For Ø 54, they are also available with 2" F outlets.
This fountain ring must be used when diameter sizes of more than 1 m are required.

Articulated Water Manifolds

Articulated water manifolds for architectural fountains
Articulated polygon-shaped water manifolds are made of stainless steel with brass connectors They are made of 35 mm diameter piping with 1¼” F connectors. Their outlets are brass end fittings with 3/8" F or 1/2" F gas threads.
They are designed not only to create diverse water distribution patterns, but also to form shapes that are the same as the fountain basins and to produce different water sculptures.

Jet Pipe Stocks

Jet pipe stocks for architectural fountains
Jet pipe stocks are made of stainless steel with brass connectors. They are manufactured in two diameter sizes: Ø 35 mm and 1¼” m connectors and Ø 54 mm and 2" m connectors. The outlets for both diameter sizes are made from brass with 3/8" F, 1/2" F or 1" F gas threads, or 2" F only for those with a 54 mm diameter. In very long water fountains, several pipe stocks can be joined together with “T” joints and used as water inlets.
We would also like to highlight their use as a water curtain. In order to create a straight line or tilted angle jet feature, we replace the end fittings with water curtain jet nozzles.