Irrigation Equipment

  • Diffusers and Sprinklers

  • Irrigation Equipment
Diffusers and Sprinklers: Irrigation diffusers are available with an adjustable nozzle, body only or with air-spray adaptor. Note that the nozzle can be separated from the body to facilitate cleaning and replacement. Irrigation sprinklers can be static or pop-up types with an impact mechanism. The SR-4646 pop-up sprinkler has an ABS UV-resistant casing and houses an SR-4201 sprinkler head with metal body, acetal non-splash hammer and adjustable water-jet cut-off.
  • Quick Coupling Valves

  • Quick coupling valves
Quick Coupling Valves: These sturdy hydrants are made of brass and are ideal for installation in residential or public areas. They are the best choice for arranging water stations in large open areas. Supplied with a lock to prevent vandalism. Accessories: bayonet spanners exclusive to these hydrants, which deter intruders from using them, and free-rotating elbow pipes to prevent the hose twisting when turning the bayonet spanner.
  • Sunken boxes for electric valves

  • Sunken boxes for electric valves
Sunken boxes for electric valves: are weather-resistant and shock-proof, they are fitted with a non-slip lid for use in residential areas, public spaces and sports facilities. Available in a round or rectangular shape, the best solution for housing electric valves, hydrants or any other buried item.